Manual Test Plan

Keyboard Navigation

< 3 hours

Navigate the web content using only the keyboard:

  • Tab Order:TAB, as well as SHIFT + TAB, follows a logical and intuitive order.
  • All controls, links, buttons, etc., get focused.
  • Focus should be visibly apparent.
  • When a modal or pop up window opens, focus shifts to the pop up.
  • Focus and tab order is constrained within the modal.
  • Modal can be exited via keyboard.
  • When a pop up window is closed, focus returns to a logical point.
  • Ensure that all content that is visually hidden is also hidden from the keyboard and/or a screen reader. Except content specifically for screen reader users.
  • Firefox toolbar icon can be accessed by keyboard and screen reader users.

Page Structure

3 hours

  • Links and buttons have text that give context.
  • All images contain alt text to describe the purpose or content of the image to a non-sighted user.
  • A logical hierarchy of header tags has been used.
  • ARIA landmark roles have been utilized where applicable.
  • ARIA attributes have been put into use.
  • Any custom controls have been given the proper role attribute.
  • Form input fields and buttons have been labeled for screen reader users.


< 1 hour

  • Text has sufficient color contrast against its background.
  • Contrast ratio of 4.5:1 for normal text (less than 18 point or 14 point bold.)
  • Contrast ratio of 3:1 for large text (at least 18 point or 14 point bold).
  • Information conveyed via color is also available by other means.
  • Buttons and links are visually apparent when they have focus.
  • Focus remains apparent, and contrast remains sufficient, when simulating varying types of colorblindness. Color blind simulators

UX Design Considerations

  • Interactions available with a mouse are also available using a keyboard.
  • Information conveyed visually is also available by other means.
  • Pop-ups and other state changes are announced to screen readers using appropriate ARIA attributes.
  • Temporary on-screen events give users ample time to receive conveyed information.
  • Animations are not excessively flashy, as this can cause seizures in some users.

Tools and Resources

Use a variety of testing tools to analyze pages:

  • aXe developer tools by Deque
  • Browser developer tools to inspect HTML for logical heading structure and ARIA roles
  • Color blind simulators