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The Lockbox extension is a simple, stand-alone password manager that works with Firefox for desktop. It’s the first of several planned experiments designed to help us test and improve password management and online security.

Lockbox is an experimental prototype and is not currently or actively planning to fix non-critical (data loss, security related) bugs or implement new features.

Install it and sign in with your Firefox Account to encrypt your data with tamper-resistant block cipher technology. Then share feedback here.

Get Started

  1. Install Lockbox, and it will automatically disable Firefox’s password manager. install lockbox

  2. Create an entry with a website name, URL, username, and password. create an entry

  3. Search or browse in the toolbar menu or on the full tab to find the password you need. search from doorhanger

  4. Sign up or sign in with a Firefox Account to encrypt your entries. sinup for fxa

This is just one component of the Lockbox product. Please see the Lockbox website for more documentation and context.