Thank you for considering and taking the time to contribute! Please note: this project is not currently or actively planning to fix non-critical (data loss, security related) bugs or implement new features. This is an experimental prototype.

Code of Conduct

This repository is governed by Mozilla's code of conduct and etiquette guidelines. For more details please see the Mozilla Community Participation Guidelines and Developer Etiquette Guidelines.

How to Get Started

Please refer to installation and build instructions in the documentation.

How to Report Bugs

Please open a new issue in the GitHub repository with steps to reproduce the problem you're experiencing.

Be sure to include as much information including screenshots, text output, and both your expected and actual results.

If you believe that you've found a security vulnerability, please report it by sending email to the addresses: and

How to Request Enhancements

First, please refer to the applicable GitHub repository and search the repository's GitHub issues to make sure your idea has not been (or is not still) considered.

Then, please create a new issue in the GitHub repository describing your enhancement.

Be sure to include as much detail as possible including step-by-step descriptions, specific examples, screenshots or mockups, and reasoning for why the enhancement might be worthwhile.

Please keep in mind, by opening an issue we provide no guarantee the enhancement will be implemented.