Required Libraries

Our linting configuration requires you to have an up-to-date installation of ktlint

Steps to Run / Build

  1. Install the latest Android Studio

  2. Clone the repository

  3. Open the project in Android Studio

  4. Gradle Sync & build/run the project


The tests can be run from Android Studio or from the command line:

./gradlew testDebug

Code coverage

Local code coverage reports can be generated from Android Studio or from the command line:

./gradlew -Pcoverage jacocoDebugTestReport

The command line reports can be found at app/build/reports/jacoco/jacocoDebugTestReport/html/index.html.

N.B.: each method uses a different reporter and will provide different results. They both tend to miss things: it's often best to test your code using both.

The project's official code coverage rating can be found on, which uses the results from jacoco (i.e. the command line).